Project Restore 360

While serving in her roles within Cobb County, Holmes created a community-focused program entitled Project Restore 360 (PR 360). From its inception, the purpose of
PR 360 has been to bring awareness to the notion that the whole community has a role in improving public safety and advancing criminal justice reform. That obligation does not stop at the walls of the courthouse or the badge of law enforcement – it can start and end with all of us.

The first program under the PR 360 umbrella was launched in late 2019 and the event was held in February2020 while Joyette served as the District Attorney for Cobb County. A Records Restriction, Job and Resource Fair brought together governmental departments, employers, corporate sponsors, healthcare partners, housing, faith communities, and educational resources into one space with a commitment to be 360- degree partners in restoring court-involved citizens’ opportunities for self-sustainability. This was a first of its kind event in Cobb County and regarded as a game changer for many of the participants and volunteers. Although the Covid-19 pandemic changed the way PR360 operated, it did not change the level of service provided through community support drive-through and virtual events.

For Joyette, the commitment in leading Project Restore 360, supporting organizations that provide youth and adult re-entry programs, and instituting programming that fills needed service gaps is part of her continuing mission. She has often said that “The Mission is not about the position”. Joyette’s move to the private sector does not end her desire to continue this work.

Stay tuned for the Relaunch of Project Restore 360 to learn of ways you can help with the mission!

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